Brand Design For Hospitality

23rd August 2022/0/0


I have been been busy working away on something special. A branding course that is going to be available on Domestika later this year. In the course I’ll talk you through our creative process, our methodology – how we approach our branding projects. I’ll share tips, advice and strategic food for thought (excuse the pun). I’ll talk through our methodology, how we creatively approach new projects and how to approach your own. The course would be perfect for any post grads in Graphic Design who want to specialise in hospitality branding. It would also prove insightful for any of our clients or restaurant owners, would-be restaurateurs, or anyone else who wants to understand the creative design process more.

More on this soon, come and see Run For The Hills’ profile on Domestika over here.


Chris Trotman
Creative Director, Run For The Hills.