Literary London Map


An intricate type map of the capital teeming with infamous fictional char­ac­ters from London’s literary past and present. Featuring the famous and infamous. And also the less well known. Those with an amazing moniker or bril­liant­ly conceived nickname who are a credit to their creator. Each character has been plotted in the corners of the city they most liked to roam or chose to call home (sometimes on Her Majesty’s Pleasure). Combining hand-drawn typog­ra­phy and illus­tra­tion, more than 250 novels were mined in the making of this piece. We owe a par­tic­u­lar debt to the bril­liance of Charles Dickens, whose skill in penning unique and char­ac­ter­ful names could’ve almost filled the map alone.


The 2015 edition of the award-winning Literary London map is an A2 screen­print. It is available in black, in white, and a premium version in white foil and metallic ink. Each in hand-pulled limited editions of 100.

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