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Culinary Artistry

Repositioning a meat-focussed restaurant in the heart of carnivorous Eastern Europe as a Vegan friendly destination was a tough ask, particularly when the venue in question has ‘Butcher’ it’s name. So we decided to play on the knife skills of the butcher, inventing a liberating new F&B positioning around ‘Culinary Artistry’. Engaging the chefs, encouraging them to fashion a number of theatrical dishes that can be served at the table with flair; showcasing the butcher’s deft handiwork as they carve meat for a group, or delicately dissecting a fish in a captivating way. But the all new Able Butcher is also an expert at a delicious new menu of vegan and vegetarian dishes, approaching them with the same skill and artistry, within the kitchen and at the table. And finally, we put this artistry at the heart of the brand itself. Creating a series of organic handcrafted illustrations of hero ingredients in the Butcher’s bold new colour palette, quietly focussing on the vegetables above the meat.