2018: A Year In Review: Hospitality

21st December 2018/0/0

Farewell dear year, take a seat at the bar.

A pit-stop look back at 2018, charting and celebrating the graphic designings and interior stylings that Run For The Hills has been pouring their heart and soul into. Here is a round up of our favourite antics in the commercial sector, designing cool casual dining spaces and creating stylish F&B brands as well as sophisticated workspaces. Some of our favourites took a whole year-in-the-cooking (Kricket TVC). Others were quite an adventure to pull off, with more than a bit of rock and roll along the way. Some whizzed by in a hot-house quick-fire-flash. Others were powered by fire and brimstone and a charcoal hand. We love them all, big and small. And the more creative the better.