Introducing Miscellany

21st June 2021/0/0

Miscellany is a brand new, high-style digital interior design service priced at welcomingly affordable rates. Welcome to our diffusion range.

Miscellany will offer two options :

Option 1- Insta-Looks
Ready Styled & Curated Selections

For clients who are tight on time, INSTA-LOOKS offer instant, pre-styled get-the-look interior design packages and product selections by room. Simply choose one (or more) from six distinct looks – from Eco-Sexy-Cool which offers sexy sustainability, to the moody tones of Dark & Stormy through to the sophisticated Londinium with refined urban Victoriana elements. Clients receive gorgeously styled mood-boards, get-the-look tips, room-set visuals plus a curated shopping list of furniture, lighting and accessories suggestions from Miscellany’s little black book of cool suppliers. Clients can then shop for products as and when budget allows, safe in the knowledge that each item has been thoughtfully chosen by a professional interior designer.



Option 2- Design Lite
Personalised Planning & Problem-Solving

Miscellany also offers a more personalised interior design service for those who need room or project-specific interior design help and advice. Design Lite offers small amounts of consultancy – from a handful of hours to a few days – at a transparent and affordable hourly or daily rate. Clients use the site’s interactive estimator on the Pricing Page to get a rough guide to potential consultancy fees.



Find out more on the website: