Introducing The Pass

20th June 2020/0/0

We are excited to finally reveal a project close to our hearts that we have been working on during lockdown. Hospitality is one of the many indus­tries that has been massively affected by the Coronavirus and it’s an industry we know and love being spe­cial­ists in hos­pi­tal­i­ty design. We have all watched the impact on our favourite restau­rants, some of whom are our clients, and seen how they have struggled during this time. But we have also witnessed some amazing diver­si­fi­ca­tion, as they have evolved and adapted, doing what it takes; offering delivery services, creating ranges of new products, sharing recipe tips, even sharing their little black book of suppliers to help their contacts survive the storm by selling direct to consumers. is an inspired new fundrais­ing ini­tia­tive created to support the Hospitality industry, with all funds raised going directly to those who need it most and Run For The Hills is proud to be part of it. It’s an online resource where you can find out which restau­rants are offering delivery services or recipe boxes, and lists of suppliers from whom you can buy direct. Plus hundreds of recipes from London’s top restau­rants. If you’ve got 3–4 ingre­di­ents in your fridge and wondering what to cook up, search The Pass for exciting con­coc­tions and delicious recipes which the pros would magic up with what you have.
At the moment The Pass is com­plete­ly free to sign up and join. Please have a look (weblink in bio), share and donate!

Collaboration with, @andusagency and the brain­child of Alex Lazare.