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dabbawal logo lockup in dark blue, pale pink and cream

Lunch menu of Mumbai

We have been working with Multi award-winning Street Food Pioneers Dabbawal for a number of years now, but recently we’ve been helping them refresh their brand. Winners of the British Curry Awards for multiple years, Dabbawal have two popular restau­rants in Newcastle. One in Highbridge, in the heart of the city, and the second in the leafy suburb of Jesmond.

Inspired by the famous Dabbawala lunch delivery men of Indian cities, they created their urban kitchen concept long before the craze for street food hit the UK. And they’re still breaking the mould, serving up unique dishes derived from tra­di­tion­al street favourites, in busy kitchens which buzz with con­ver­sa­tion and comings and goings – just like home.

Dabbawal street food kitchen gif showing all the logo variants
dabbawal business cards laid on top of each other on a dark blue background
Elephant drawing with indian text on top and a moving animation of an abstract star shape over the elephants eye
Illustration of a chef holding a plate of food
Dabbawal street food kitchen menus laid out next to a plant on top of a wooden table
Indian street food burger on a round plate
3 Dabbawal at home food menus on top of a wooden table
animated illustration of an asian man sniffling his nose on a king of hearts card
playing cards with chefs on photo montage
animated illustration of a asian woman on a queen of hearts card winking
Dabbawal collaged wallpaper in orange beige and a dark blue colour

Brand evolution

More a brand ‘evolution’ than a rebrand, we started by devel­op­ing a bold new colour palette, also refresh­ing the core logo.

But to keep Dabbawal at the cutting edge, not just one logo, but a set of logos. And rather than one business card, we created a range of them. Different colours and styles, yet clearly from the same brand family.

We also created a suite of assets including press ads, in venue graphics and a complete website overhaul.

elephant illustration repeat pattern where the elephants disappear of screen
tiger lino print erasing animation
Indian street food on a black plate plated delicately
Inside of dabbawal restaurant that has lots of green hanging plants and set tables with lots of natural light

Artful branding

We love getting arty, par­tic­u­lar­ly when you have a brand that is brave enough to run with some of the crazy ideas and designs our team came up with. We created a col­lec­tion of custom art created specif­i­cal­ly for Dabbawal, featuring new takes on some of the brand’s best-loved motifs; full of bengali tigers and elephants, Indian mash up montages and cheeky Dabbawalas. Also lots of pieces featuring the true heroes of Dabbawal — the chefs.

Dabbawal restaurant accent photograph wall with bespoke prints
Ceramic pots next to a window with flowers and gold bells
Picture wall with bespoke prints in black frames mounted on light orange wall
plants hanging from the ceiling inside a restaurant
Assortment of plant pots on a shelf in front of a wooden wall
Interior wall light in a brass copper finish
repeat pattern print in a black frame mounted on an exposed brick wall
dabbawal tiger print in a black frame mounted on a exposed brick wall
print of the queen of hearts card with an asian woman on it in a gold frame mounted on a wooden door
bathroom sink and taps with a large mirror and wall mounted crystal lights
bathroom wall mounted crystal lamp

The Interior

We have also been col­lab­o­rat­ing with the team at Dabbawal to inject some fresh magic into the restau­rant interiors in Jesmond (and soon Highbridge too). Adding some tactile extra dec­o­ra­tive paint and wallpaper layers in rich neutrals and spice tones, softened with vintage acces­sories, hanging plants and gor­geous­ly reflec­tive mirrors bouncing new light around the space. We’ve also designed and installed some ultra com­fort­able new banquette seating, creating extra special booths and group-dining spots around the venue, to enjoy the col­lec­tion of custom art created specif­i­cal­ly for Dabbawal. Jesmond is already a won­der­ful­ly welcoming, much-loved neigh­bour­hood restau­rant, and we hope the customers feel the extra love being injected into the space. The new look and feel is fresh and inspiring, designed to harmonise beau­ti­ful­ly with the new evolved branding.