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Up and coming Pizza champs Made Of Dough first made a name for themselves on the festival circuit, before taking up a residency in Brixton Pop, serving up saucy slices to a hip and edgy soundtrack. Like a lot of the youngest and hippest F&B brands, a shipping container stint seems to be a great way to get noticed. The talented MOD team popped us a line and said they were ready to open their first bricks and mortar restaurant, and would we join them on the ride. Yes sir.


The guys were lucky to have landed a great site in a laid back and leafy corner of Peckham. Which also happened to be a Pizza joint in a previous life. Meaning we could get them up and running quickly, by giving it an MOD versus Run For The Hills makeover. Keeping the architectural best bits and decent kit, and then working our creative magic to put their stamp on the place. Starting with some really cool graphics and illustrations on the shopfront.


Getting a permanent home meant exploring what that should look like. Important to stay true to their festival pop-up roots, but we also needed to fashion a space which customers would want to spend time in and come back to. So we designed something inspiring and fresh and thought-provoking. Which would appeal as much to the young bloods tapping to the beat at the bar, as to the young families looking to make a right royal tomatoe-y mess with their little ones in a fun space not taking itself too seriously.


Made of Dough love a bit of gold. And so do we. So we re-tiled the existing pizza oven in deep gold / bronze metallic mosaics. Re-orienting it within the restaurant to create more theatre and a much bigger prep area for the chefs to work in. We added an eat-at-bar and extended the kitchen to make the whole space breathe more easily, to enhance the light and airy feel.


Lashings of Black. And much more gold. Made of Dough isn’t a cutsie artisan pizza restaurant. They’ve got a strong brand and story to tell, which we wanted to build upon and infuse within the fabric of our interior design. So we took some of the brand’s core assets and festival t-shirt designs by tattoo artist Carina Roma, and created a bespoke graphic mash up which we fly-posted onto the walls of the restaurant. Cutting up the posters and layering them to create a knocked back been there forever feel. We then added extra gold leaf to catch the light. Because we had a cool and creative Client who said we could 🙂


The pizzas taste good. And the wine list is pretty awesome too. Thanks to a curated list drawn from Ed’s family background in all things grape. Urban yes, but refined urban. We know what tastes good.


A new suite of menus were designed, bringing the brand a touch more sophistication, whilst still keeping things light, young and cool.


Less is more and simplicity is king. A simple menu deserves a simple design. Classic table top disposable menu printed on tactile recycled craft paper.


A key part of our design work was to add a layer of cool props and accessories, injecting a monochromatic and metallic palette into the space. From bronze madonnas to gold-leafing bar stools, our hand-finishers added an MOD touch to so many different surfaces, nooks and crannies in the design.


“Run for the hills were dope. Wicked team to work with. They did a massive job with our mates from Kricket, decking out their new Soho restaurant with some style. So when we found a little place in Peckham, we got the team round for a meeting. We never thought we’d end up working together and figured it was probably too small a job for them. But they took us on and knocked it out the park. Turned it around really quickly and worked our budget really creatively to make it look amazing.”

Ed Sandeman, Made of Dough