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1. A group or collection of different items; a mixture.
‘‘A miscellany of rooms’’


Miscellany is our new diffusion service, offering bite-sized design help and ready-to-go Insta-Looks at welcomingly affordable rates. Allowing our interior design team to work quickly over Zoom with clients on smaller, more contained projects, meaning they can offer their creative expertise at a lower cost. Which makes it perfect for those who might ordinarily think they can’t afford an interior designer.

Something whimsical

We wanted Miscellany to be really creative and graphic as a brand, with its own unique illustration style. Something free and loose that had a sketchy feel to it, but still crisp and tailored. Quick but not rushed. There’s something whimsical about the illustrations, shot through with a touch of femininity, but not overtly so.  We filled the site with this graphic visual language, bringing it to life with animations and creative How-To videos. All making an information-heavy site a joy to explore.

Sleek & sophisticated

The Miscellany logo is sleek and sophisticated, we think, that gives the site an editorial feel, almost like a fashion magazine.

As for the name Miscellany, it was chosen because it points to the secrets of what interior designers do to create magic in a space. We think it’s a lovely sounding word which captures perfectly what we do when we take what looks like a miscellaneous collection of items (wallpapers, paint swatches, lamps, rugs and furniture) and then putting them together in unique ways to create something really special.  The idea for Miscellany comes from the definition of the word – centred around us curating a collection of different items for clients in cool, unexpected and stylish ways – creating a Run For The Hills ‘Miscellany’ of gorgeousness.

Artistic touches

As always, we do everything in-house, rather than commissioning illustrators, so Miscellany had a pool of talent working to embellish the identity with artistic touches. The brand was a team effort, overseen by Creative Director Chris, with logo and icons by Gosia, and web page design and typography by Becky, with Rita creating the illustration style and all the animations, designing a light and playful set of line drawings and collages breathing life into Miscellany.

A labour of love

Each touch point has been carefully considered, from the wonderful vignettes for the Instalooks to all of the illustrations and quirky little animations.

It was also our first foray into the wonderful world of Webflow. We thought a fresh new concept like Miscellany simply had to be built on innovative tech, so we collaborated with the multi-talented Daniel Drabik (Buck Rabbit) to bring our web design to life interactively. It’s worked brilliantly and we’ve fallen in love with Webflow.

Services Used

Logo Design
Graphic Design

Motion Graphics
Web Design