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1. A group or col­lec­tion of different items; a mixture.
‘‘A mis­cel­lany of rooms’’


Miscellany is our new diffusion service, offering bite-sized design help and ready-to-go Insta-Looks at wel­com­ing­ly afford­able rates. Allowing our interior design team to work quickly over Zoom with clients on smaller, more contained projects, meaning they can offer their creative expertise at a lower cost. Which makes it perfect for those who might ordi­nar­i­ly think they can’t afford an interior designer.

Something whimsical

We wanted Miscellany to be really creative and graphic as a brand, with its own unique illus­tra­tion style. Something free and loose that had a sketchy feel to it, but still crisp and tailored. Quick but not rushed. There’s something whimsical about the illus­tra­tions, shot through with a touch of fem­i­nin­i­ty, but not overtly so.  We filled the site with this graphic visual language, bringing it to life with ani­ma­tions and creative How-To videos. All making an information-heavy site a joy to explore.

Sleek & sophisticated

The Miscellany logo is sleek and sophis­ti­cat­ed, we think, that gives the site an editorial feel, almost like a fashion magazine.

As for the name Miscellany, it was chosen because it points to the secrets of what interior designers do to create magic in a space. We think it’s a lovely sounding word which captures perfectly what we do when we take what looks like a mis­cel­la­neous col­lec­tion of items (wall­pa­pers, paint swatches, lamps, rugs and furniture) and then putting them together in unique ways to create something really special.  The idea for Miscellany comes from the def­i­n­i­tion of the word — centred around us curating a col­lec­tion of different items for clients in cool, unex­pect­ed and stylish ways — creating a Run For The Hills ‘Miscellany’ of gor­geous­ness.

Artistic touches

As always, we do every­thing in-house, rather than com­mis­sion­ing illus­tra­tors, so Miscellany had a pool of talent working to embellish the identity with artistic touches. The brand was a team effort, overseen by Creative Director Chris, with logo and icons by Gosia, and web page design and typog­ra­phy by Becky, with Rita creating the illus­tra­tion style and all the ani­ma­tions, designing a light and playful set of line drawings and collages breathing life into Miscellany.

A labour of love

Each touch point has been carefully con­sid­ered, from the wonderful vignettes for the Instalooks to all of the illus­tra­tions and quirky little ani­ma­tions.

It was also our first foray into the wonderful world of Webflow. We thought a fresh new concept like Miscellany simply had to be built on inno­v­a­tive tech, so we col­lab­o­rat­ed with the multi-talented Daniel Drabik (Buck Rabbit) to bring our web design to life inter­ac­tive­ly. It’s worked bril­liant­ly and we’ve fallen in love with Webflow.

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Logo Design
Graphic Design

Motion Graphics
Web Design