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Bound By Nature

After the success of The Able Butcher, The Hilton Hotel Group approached us again to refresh OXBO – one of their restaurant concepts.

Reminiscent of a time where the ox worked the land and the craft of husbandry that created plenty, OXBO is a celebration of nature and its resources. Farming mindfully and respecting the environment that surrounds us is at the heart and soul of OXBO. Honouring quality produce, authentic flavours and celebrating the seasons whilst showing an appreciation and joy for food with every plate. The coming together of friends and families evoking a warmth associated with all the comforts of home.

We started with creating the brand values and the identity, before launching into the concept design of what the actual restaurant looks like, including the first installation of OXBO in Hilton Reading.

oxbo reading, business cards
oxbo reading, mission statement
oxbo reading, coasters
oxbo reading, stationary
oxbo reading, web banner
oxbo reading, web banner
oxbo reading, menus
oxbo reading, flyer
oxbo reading, flyer
oxbo reading, flyer
oxbo reading, flyer
oxbo reading, flyer
oxbo reading, loyalty cards

Concept CGI Renders

oxbo reading, cgi, render
oxbo reading, cgi, render

Finished Photography

Services used

Brand Positioning
Brand Statement
Core Brand Values
Tone Of Voice

Brand Identity
Logo Rules
Colour Palette

Brand Visual Language
Printed materials

Signage & Wayfinding
In Venue signage and graphics

Interior Design
Interior Concept
Space Planning
FF&E Sourcing