Shortlisted for a Property Marketing Award!

19th May 2017/0/0

Excited to be short­list­ed for the Residential Regeneration category at this year’s Property Marketing Awards for our work on Verve Properties’ The Market Building. It’s a project we’re very proud of our mid-century retro campaign so it’s nice to get some recog­ni­tion! Awards are on the 28th June…

The campaign needed to sell the ‘future’ of Brentford. Already dubbed ‘up-and-coming’ by local Agents, our creative design work had to demon­strate that palpably in the inno­v­a­tive and premium nature of the campaign execution. Targeting a young urban audience, our highly original print and digital materials built a crescendo to ‘Launch Day’, enticing potential buyers to attend the event and find out more online.

Designed to shake things up, not just among potential buyers, but also in the Agent sector. Stepping outside the norm for the area by creating a very luxurious, striking campaign for an afford­able housing devel­op­ment, with an aspi­ra­tional aesthetic. Designed graph­i­cal­ly rather than pho­to­graph­i­cal­ly.

cool graphic design

UPDATE JUNE 29th: Huzzah! We got Commended in our category!