Taxidermy Ark at Maison in Paris

17th September 2014/4/0

We stumbled upon some truly awe-inspiring Taxidermy at Maison Et Object in Paris. And if we find ourselves with a spare $50k, we’ll be heading for the Masai Gallery. Their stand at the Paris design show featured some quite amazing tigers and lions, standing proud and majestic next to a scowling Gorilla and an ark full of beautifully preserved beasts and birds. The gallery sell and rent their pieces, which are utterly stunning.

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Close by was a second collection, this time from French gallery showroom Design Et Nature, who also had some amazing big cats and birds and a few quirky customised pieces. How amazing to experience so many priceless pieces up close.

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  • Anna Burles / 17th September 2013 /

    Reblogged this on London Calling.

  • suz / 18th September 2013 /

    How can we truly trust that such beautiful animals aren’t being hunted wrongly? I heard that you should only ever buy antique exotic species and that’s the only way to ensure that certfications aren’t fake. (I haven’t seen this company and don’t claim to know anything about them btw)

  • Anna Burles / 18th September 2013 /

    Hi Suz. Both stands had little signs saying their animals were sourced from natural passing and zoos. Not something we can verify as they’re not related to us, but they did include this in their display.

  • Suz / 19th October 2013 /

    Thank you. If that really is the case, then we truly can enjoy their beauty guilt-free and for much longer than their lifetimes.

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