La Famille De Witt

15th August 2013/0/0

Our favourite new commission for a favourite client. Again for Ellie Goulding, as part of a summer styling update Anna is doing at her London home. Our Run For The Hills brief was to add some new faces to Ellie’s growing collection of quirky taxidermy Anna’s been sourcing for her. This time we wanted to make Ellie smile, so we found five deer heads with lovely sparkly eyes and clustered them together on the wall like a majestic clan. Then we created some antiqued style name plates for them and are proud to introduce La Famille De Witt. Featuring elder brother Mungo De Witt and his four sisters; Hester, Araminta, big sister Sybil and pretty younger sister Clementine, who believes in wearing a fascinator in all imaginable circumstances.


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