Why photoreal CGIs matter

22nd January 2024/0/1


When you’re in full swing of a project, and you’re being bombarded with decisions to make and costs to pay, it can often feel like you’re being swindled into paying “bolt-on” fees. But when it comes to CGIs, we know that they’re not only useful, but essential.

Reading Between the Lines

CAD ele­va­tions are great, and sometimes that’s enough for the client to really see the space. But often they find it hard to visualise the space and harder to make design decisions with con­fi­dence. So CGIs are a great way of showing exactly what you will get, how it all works together. Materials can be swapped, scales can be adjusted, furniture can be re-arranged, and so on. CGIs help speed up the process and decision-making a whole lot easier.

No Funny Business

Secondly, CGIs also show the con­trac­tor the exact level of finish they are being asked to sign off on. Meaning they can’t hide behind the ele­va­tions, which don’t show the finer details. Everyone gets a better under­stand­ing of what the end result will look like, and everyone is on the same page.

Selling the Dream

Finally, CGIs can be really useful to property agents who want to lease the space before it’s finished. And for restau­ran­teers to create a PR buzz ahead of the launch. They can be used to create a tangible and memorable visual that the public can easily imagine them­selves living / working / eating in.

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