Food Show — new branding project

30th May 2024/0/1
large textured bowl plate with delicate food on it. Food show london logo on top of the plate.

A recipe for magic

Unveiling our new branding project for our friends over at The Food Show London which is one of the last inde­pen­dent and privately owned companies in London dedicated to creating excep­tion­al catering for events.

A milestone in our rebrand­ing project for Food Show London as their new website goes live. We are really proud of this one, working col­lab­o­ra­tive­ly to create a website that is as stylish as the brand.

Stay tuned for our full case study, and visit the site over here.

Food Show London map for wayfinding
food show long website on an iphone mockup on a cream background with hand written light grey quotes going off the page
Olive green background with cream handwritten quotes going off the page, telling the history of the food show london and the logo
Food Show london branding repeat pattern in green
Illustration in a oval shape with long dining tables in a sketched vintage style on a cream background
Olive green background with the food show london logo and handwritten faint cream script writing
Black hand drawn vintage style food illustrations on a cream background