Flat Iron Hammersmith

6th May 2024/0/1
Flat Iron Hammersmith Restaurant exterior view

Flat Iron — the home of remark­able steak for everyone — approached us to design one of the much-loved brand’s new venues in Hammersmith. It was such fun to put our spin on a Flat Iron restau­rant. Our interior design is designed to com­ple­ment the backdrop of inspired creative planting, amazing free popcorn and post-meal ice cream which Flat Iron has become famous for.

Flat iron hammersmith outside menu surrounded by lots of plants.
Bone shaped outside metal door handle
Flat iron Hammersmith restaurant interiors with lots of green indoor plants.

Hammersmith’s name dates from 1294: from ‘Hammer’, ‘Smithy’ and ‘Forge’ and Ironmaster William Turner created a thriving foundries industry in the 1800s. We used this as our concept inspi­ra­tion for Flat Iron’s new venue in Hammersmith, infusing our design scheme with details tying nicely back to the area’s rich black­smith history and folklore.

Indoor neon light in a warm red colour surrounded by lots of indoor plants
free popcorn machine against a green wall with warm lighting
Custom made murano glass pendants and booths surrounded b warm overhead lighting, indoor plants and exposed brick walls

Our design scheme also inte­grates many of Flat Iron’s signature interior design DNA, including their iconic decon­struct­ed awning, exposed copper piping and vintage inspired tiling, as well as seeking to reveal raw wall and ceiling finishes within the venue.

flat iron hammersmith bar

Carrying on the Flat Iron tradition, we have looked to design a warm, welcoming space full of textural panelling, inter­est­ing finishes and salvaged vintage acces­sories, the perfect spot for atmos­pher­ic friends and family gath­er­ings.

Leather banquette booths, painted brick wall, ambient wall lights
comfy corner restaurant table banquette
Table with vintage glass lamp decor with moody lighting
Table with Vintage glass table lamp decor with moody lighting
Bathroom sink with mirrors and stylish green tiles on the wall and patterned tiles on the floor